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A common fault of garden tools lawnmower.  1.A unit newly bought a lawn machine, 30 minutes after starting on the sudden stop and the phenomenon of heat engine can't start, the mechanical indexes all normal maintenance detection, finally find out fuel label is wrong, everything is normal after an oil change. Using unit to buy fuel, fuel label, should pay attention to use the exact fuel.  2.A unit newly bought a lawn machine, use a day later, called and said the lawn machine problem, on the can't start. Originally the next day in the use of personnel, and gasoline. Everything is ok after refueling. Using unit dealing with mechanical operation personnel training, to ensure that the mechanical accuracy.  3.Received a call from the user, said the acquisition of lawn machine power is not enough, cut the grass. The original is not lawn machines, because they cut the lawn grass for more than half a meter high. Is, must follow the principle of one-third of the lawn mowing, otherwise the service life of lawn machine and the lawn there are the influence of the eve of the life, also influence to the beauty of the lawn.  4.A unit newly bought a lawn machine, using three days later, less smoke and power on the phenomenon. Reason is excess oil, the oil level is too high, oil from breathing hole jet to filter water, caused by inadequate intake. A filter should be replaced, control the amount of oil, the lawn machine operating normally. Asked sales unit to be sold in teaching, the use of personnel to read machine instructions, accurate to use, accurate nursing, can make the machine normal operation.  5.A unit newly bought a lawn machine, just use less than a month, machine can't start. All internal mechanical components wear serious, crankshaft, piston and cylinder body across a scrap scale, there is no maintenance value. Grasp found the used motor oil is fake and shoddy products, the oil in the eve of the content of metal dust and sand. Requires the use of mechanical description specified in label engine oil, more should pay attention to acquisition channel, so as not to cause unnecessary economic losses.

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